Can You Use Underfloor Heating With Your Existing Boiler?

This is a common question we get asked, and the simple answer is yes! We have a whole range of tag on underfloor heating kits that work with your existing boiler. With the advancements made in the technology used in underfloor heating, this has allowed us to created DIY heating packs that connect to your existing boiler. All of our packs have everything you need to install the system yourself, however, we recommend contacting a heating engineer to connect the system. Our underfloor heating kits use a manifold to circulate the water through the system and regulate the temperature of the system

underfloor heating systems that work with your existing boiler

Which system is right for you

We have two different categories of DIY underfloor heating kits. Kits for solid/screed based floors and kits to be suspended between the joists of floors. Our solid floor heating packs are ideal for conservatories and other rooms with a solid they include everything you need to install the system including enough self-leveling screed to cover the system. Our kits suspended timber kits use aluminium plates that fit between the joists that make up your flooring, the pipes then fit to these plates. This system is simple and easy to install and works with a wide range of floor coverings.