Easy to Install Underfloor Heating Kits By Underfloor Heating DIY

The introduction of DIY underfloor heating kits has been a welcome progression from the original, clunky systems. Installing an underfloor heating system used to be a complex and difficult process, this put off a lot of people. As technology has progressed much of the complexity has been removed and replaced with smart solutions to make the whole process a lot easier. Our online store stocks a number of wet underfloor heating kits, split into two main categories, solid floor screed kits, and kits based around aluminium kits that fit between timber joists.

Underfloor Heating Kits For Timber Floors

These kits use floating aluminium plates that sit, suspended between the floors joists. Underneath the floating plates a layer of insulation is secured using a set of timber battens. Everything you need to install the system is provided in the kit including several tools. These DIY kits are ideal for use in rooms of all types that use timber joists to support the floor, whether that is in your kitchen or in a bathroom.

UFH in a Timber Floor using Aluminium Plates

DIY Kits For Solid, Concrete or Screed Floors

We also stock underfloor heating kits that are designed specifically to work with solid floors. The pipes are fixed to the insulation using insulation clips. These keep the pipes in place and ensure that you can lay out your system in the most energy and heat efficient manner. The insulation keeps the heat that has been generated from the hot water passing through the pipe from escaping into the floor, instead, it is forced to go upwards, into the room you are hoping to heat. The benefit of installing an underfloor heating system within a solid floor is that these floors have much better thermal properties. This means that more heat energy is transmitted into the room.

Screed Floor over Insulation