Pick the Right Control System When You Buy Underfloor Heating

Underfloor heating is becoming more and more popular with UK homeowners, and it’s not just because of the savings on their energy bills – it’s because of the ease of use, too!  Traditional radiators and central heating is quickly becoming outpaced and is growing outdated as a result of more efficient and cost-effective measures coming into play.  Anyone ready to buy underfloor heating known how it is a fast, affordable and effective way to gain access to instant heat without having to turn on several units at one time to fill up a room with warmth.  What’s more, with the right thermostat or control unit, you can gain complete control over your heating system– from when it switches on, to which rooms stand to benefit from the warmth the most!

Take control of your home heating


The different types of heating control available from our heating packs allow you to take immense control over the way your home is heated, and when.  While a basic thermostat, provided as standard, will allow you to easily control your heating through a basic switch on / switch off methodology, you may wish to take greater control by choosing when and where your heating activates.  This will be particularly useful for homes with a large number of rooms or a large number of family members – as it will mean that you can effectively program and control who gets the most warmth and when – and it will also mean that there are no more empty rooms being filled with heat when they are not in use. What are you waiting for, Buy Underfloor Heating Today!

Our basic control/dial room thermostat will allow you to control the temperature from room to room, offering you simple yet effective control over how much heat each room receives.  This model is fairly popular with our customers as it is somewhat similar to central heating models of old – meaning that it may already seem fairly familiar to you the moment you start using it.  It’s a great way to turn up the heat to exactly what you need, when you need it – but the next step up is something very special indeed.

Set hourly room temperatures

Underfloor Heating Image

Our most advanced thermostat and control solution allows you to program room to room with ease – meaning that you have constant control over which rooms are being warmed up.  This means that you can effectively program your underfloor heating to start up in one room at a certain time, only to switch off and start up again in another room an hour later.  Buy underfloor heating and you can completely manage your system from afar – it’s an amazing amount of control which is completely achievable and easy to manipulate.

Underfloor Heating DIY is your local expert for all things underfloor warmth – whether you’re setting up your first installation for the first time, or if you need help in getting the most out of your existing system, we are here to support and to supply.  Call us today on 01246 916451 or email us directly if you have any specific queries or concerns!