10sqm Tag on Aluminium Plate Pack


Our tag on Joisted floor pack is our alternative Underfloor Heating system designed to supply Underfloor heating in a joisted floor. Using our Aluminium Heat transfer plates you can simply supply premium quality Underfloor Heating to your floor.


This pack includes:
  • 1 x Single Mixer Pack including A rated Pump
  • 1 x 50 m Coil of Alpert Pipe
  • 22 x Aluminuim Plates
  • 1 x Pipe Cutting Tool
  • 1 x Pipe Reaming Tool
  • 1 x Installation Manual


What is a tag on pack?

A tag on underfloor heating pack is a system that connects to your existing boiler and heating network. The kit includes everything you need to install and connect the underfloor heating yourself. However, we always recommend that you contact a qualified heating engineer to make the connection to the boiler and make sure it is both safe and certified.

Why use screed for underfloor heating?

Screed has excellent thermal properties, the particles that make up solid flooring, such as screed, are pack so tightly together that it makes transferring the heat energy from one particle to the next very easy. Minimal heat is lost and the heat that is generated is transferred quickly and efficiently from the pipes to your feet. With softer floor coverings a lot more heat energy is lost, it also takes much longer for the heat to reach the room.


How easy is it to install underfloor heating?

Our DIY underfloor heating packs are designed to be simple and easy to install, we include everything you need to install the kit in the pack itself. We have also created an easy to follow installation guide. But in essence, it is a 5 step process

  1. Fit the manifold
  2. Lay the fixing rail
  3. Lay the Alpert underfloor heating pipework
  4. Fill the system
  5. Connect the boiler

For more information check out the installation guide here

Additional information

Control Options

Standard, Basic Control, Dial Room Thermostat + £12, Enhanced Control (if plumbed separately), Motorised Valve & Programmable Room Thermostat + £90