Frequently Asked Questions


Our Tag-On Underfloor Heating packs start from as little as £324.00 + vat giving you luxurious Underfloor Heating at an affordable price.
Using specialist Underfloor Heating equipment a controlled flow of heated water is pumped throughout your floor from an existing radiator system ensuring an even distribution of heat throughout your room.
A wet Underfloor heating system is up to 40% more efficient to run than conventional radiator systems. Reducing your energy bills is obviously advantageous but also you will have the added aspect of reducing your carbon footprint.
Yes, our Underfloor Heating Tag-On packs are designed specifically for this scenario.Using the supplied mixer and ‘A’ rated pump your existing radiator system can supply warm water to your floor. Whenever your boilers supplying warm water to your radiators it will also be supplying warm water to your Underfloor Heating. We can also offer a separate control upgrade which will supply you with everything needed to enable the Underfloor Heating to be controlled completely independently from the existing radiator system.
Wet Underfloor Heating systems are suitable with most floor finishes if fitted in accordance with correct installation. Engineered Wood Flooring, Laminate, Ceramic-tile, Stone, Marble, Concrete, Lino even Carpet. If you’re unsure whether your flooring is compatible with an Underfloor Heating system feel free to get in touch on 01234 567890 where we can offer advice.