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There are many benefits you get from using underfloor heating rather than a traditional radiator heating system, including cost, practicality and efficiency.

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Why choose underfloor heating?

Underfloor heating systems have many benefits in comparison to other heating methods, including the even spread of heat throughout your room or home. This is because radiators release heat from one area, whereas underfloor heating covers the whole floor, preventing your home from having ‘hot spots’ and ‘cold spots’.

The cost savings alone make underfloor heating well worth the investment, saving you 15% – 40% compared to conventional radiator systems. It can be expensive to install initially, however if it is being installed into a new build it is actually cheaper to buy and install than radiators.


Save space in your home

Radiators in your home can take up space and look untidy. With underfloor heating, you don’t get this problem. The heating system is hidden under your floor, meaning you can design your room how you want it without having to worry about radiators getting in the way.


What makes our underfloor heating systems different?

We offer a complete design of a heating system taking into account all aspects required for fully effective and durable underfloor heating for your home. We offer the perfect solution for you as a homeowner, giving you full control with our Wi-Fi/ smartphone enabled system which allow you to control your system from anywhere.

Our systems are affordable and we have a price match promise on all ‘like for like’ equipment which ensures you will get the best price when choosing our underfloor heating.

They are also easy to use as they come with a wiring/plumbing diagram which is straightforward to understand and will guide you through the fitting process.

Not only do we provide advice before and during the purchase of your heating, we also give after sales support which is ideal to assist you during the fitting process, including wiring/plumbing advice and to help with the thermostat settings.


Find out what we can do for you

Here at Underfloor Heating DIY, we are confident that we have the perfect heating solution for your home. To find out more about our underfloor heating systems, and to speak to our expert team, call us on 01246 916451 or visit us in store.

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