5 Tips on Buying Underfloor Heating

If you’re keen to cut down on the long term costs of a heating system in your property development and still need effective heating circulation in the months to come, you may have already heard more than a little bit about underfloor heating and its benefits.  Buying underfloor heating needn’t be baffling – and while there are various different things you may need to consider when it comes to having a new system installed, Underfloor Heating DIY are here to help simplify the process for you – making things affordable and understandable for customers across our region.

Look for Reliable Tradespeople

Buying Underfloor Heating means you can setup the system with your own hands in your own time – but this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t be looking for a reliable provider and support network when you come to buy underfloor heating supplies.  You will need to look for a supplier that offers a wide range of accessories and parts as well as a helpline which you can call at short notice should you be experiencing any difficulties – and Underfloor Heating DIY is here to ensure you have all the supplies and support you need when it comes to getting an installation up and running for the very first time.

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Get All the Components You Need

While setting up and buying underfloor heating systems can be relatively simple, you’ll need to make sure you purchase all the necessary parts and equipment to ensure that you can get everything up and running as soon as possible.  Underfloor Heating DIY specialises in supplying equipment and accessories for effective water-based underfloor heating – with all the manifold equipment and AL-PE-RT piping you’ll need to be able to safely connect your new network to your water supply.

Consider Water-Based Heating

While buying underfloor heating to be connected via electricity mains or via your home water supply is effective, we specialise in the latter of the two options for various reasons.  This option can be referred to as a hydronic system – and this system is proven to not only create less waste and save users more money on energy bills long-term, but also allows you to do away with traditional radiation altogether.  The air quality of radiant heat from hydronic underfloor heating is impeccable, too.  Get in touch with us to learn more!

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Measure Up

This can’t be stressed enough!  We supply fittings and accessories to help you effectively bring your own underfloor heating system to life in no time at all – but do make sure that you measure the dimensions of your room(s) before you buy.  Our helpful guides and catalogue of supplies will help you with buying underfloor heating and with putting together the perfect, effective system without hassle – just make sure you have all the facts and figures before you get started!

Look at Your Energy Bills

This is a big one –  buying underfloor heating will save you money long-term, allowing you to benefit from direct, radiant heat beneath your feet as opposed to you having to rely upon traditional radiators filling up a room with warmth.  Looking at your energy bills – are there periods where you could, and should, be saving yourself some much-needed money?  Buy underfloor heating and the cost will recoup itself in a matter of months – take it from us here at Underfloor Heating DIY!

If it’s your first time buying underfloor heating for your home, call us or take a look at our online catalogue for more details on how to get started – call 01246 916451 – and we’ll be happy to hear from you!